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Emergent Reflection: Practicing connections

The biggest challenge in my current course (EDCI 569) has been that I continually struggle to connect the content to my own practice, and I still do. As a grade eight teacher in a middle school, there aren’t many opportunities… Continue Reading →

Reflection on Module 4: Exclusively inclusive

Pardon that terrible title, but I do promise to explain what it means. I chose to reflect on Funes & Mackness’s aritcle “When inclusion excludes: a counter narrative of open online education”, as the narrative presented in the article pointed… Continue Reading →

Reflection; Module 3, Open Educational Practices and Learning Design

Once again, I struggled to draw positives from the readings I completed this week. To their vast credit, the pieces were thorough, well-written and feature very helpful visuals. However, I became increasingly hung-up over the idea that each article’s solutions… Continue Reading →

Reflection; Module 2, Open Educational Resources

In this module, I found the articles examining Open Educational Resources (OERs) to be difficult; the research is complex, full of acronyms and names that are similar in vocabulary but completely different in concept. What I found to be the… Continue Reading →

Reflection; Module 1 History of Online Learning

After completing the readings for this module I was annoyed. I mean, I’m always annoyed after reading articles as my critical analysis is based on being a know-it-all, but to be fair to myself I feel like I have a… Continue Reading →

Review of Video Projects

This week, my cohort presented video projects plus summaries of various chapters in realm of educational technology. After viewing and reading the various projects, I found the following topics to be the most interesting (minus my own): Using information Technology… Continue Reading →

TPACK vs SAMR when using Hyperdocs

Compared to other teachers, I find myself to be very lucky with the current way I am set up at work. I am situated in a brand new learning-studio (a portable, but built in modern fashion and in-house) which is… Continue Reading →


With an election coming up, I’ve been hearing the term “double-down” in media and conversation more often than usual as of late. I’ve always found it to be a helpful explanation of context when referring to arguments/discussions/controversies as it is… Continue Reading →

The Weakest Link

I watched the gameshow, “The Weakest Link” a couple of times. I didn’t really think it was a good game or an entertaining show, but I sure did love to hate the host. She was just so…mean. Why did she… Continue Reading →

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