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Where am I now? 1b Blog Post

I would argue that this final blog post has particular requirements that I will not be able to meet. Specifically, this post should communicate my thinking in a clear, succinct, focused, and organized fashion. However, I was permitted to name… Continue Reading →

Making as Inquiry – EDCI 568 Assignment #2

The three dimensional printer which I have been steward of this past six months has been steering my thoughts when I “academically procrastinate”. That is to say, when the act of working on research methods or my professional learning network… Continue Reading →

Protect your neck

In the spring of 2012, I was in my first practicum. I was well liked by the staff, and would mingle with the other teachers. As the veteran teachers do, one such teacher (I will refer to him as Bob)… Continue Reading →

Thought Troubles

I was planning on writing my weekly post on the film “Kitchen Stories’, a wonderful film demonstrating the both the humanizing and de-humanizing effects of research. However, as I began to write that post, my critical voice was quite insistent… Continue Reading →

Back in MY day…

Sorry. The title is ignorant. But, it sure sums up my feelings after a recent read. Also, I’ll mention that my blog is not limited to one single purpose. Sometimes, it is just a diary; I did not consider my… Continue Reading →

“Teach me how to Teach, please” is not a spontaneous thought

After reading Idle No More: Radical Indigeneity in Teacher Education by Shauneen Pete, I have mixed thoughts. I am a white, privileged, middle-class male and I am trying to remain mindful of the fact that my reaction to her writing… Continue Reading →

An Examination of Action Research (Assignment 2)

An Examination of Action Research Part 1: Background In this post, I am examining the second chapter in a book titled Action Research in Education, written by Mary McAteer. The chapter is titled Getting to Grips with Perspectives. McAteer is… Continue Reading →

Questions about literature reviews

Perhaps I am naive, but I am looking forward to writing a literature review. My current area of interest is examining the domains of intelligence learners develop when making. Specifically, the process of electronic three dimensional design and construction woven… Continue Reading →

The Common Problem in Networks

I am skeptical about the prospect of maintaining a new Personal/Professional Learning Network (PLN). While I understand and have experienced the long list of benefits, as well as the benefits of similar networks, I cannot help but think my PLN… Continue Reading →

Twitter’s not the only way, either…

As on of my colleagues put it, I was a ‘grump’ in class today. I was not acting unprofessional or pouting, but gleefully open about how much I loathe Twitter’s status as the platform for professional networking + discussion in… Continue Reading →

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